The Sly Digs

The Sly Digs are a team of intergalactic misfits, sent to earth, from the far reaches of interstellar space, to corrupt your mind and infect your soul. Propelled by boundless joy and a supreme distaste for the ordinary, The Sly Digs have been sent to earth with a singular, clandestine mission: to infiltrate the hearts and minds of all humankind with the symbiotic known as Sly-Fi….(Their secondary mission: to rid humanity of run on sentences and the “improper” use of….punctuation!….)

Sly-Fi is the distillation of all the artists and events that have inspired or been admired by The Sly Digs. It is a unique but familiar brand of music designed to possess the masses, raise their glasses and shake their asses. The Sly Digs forthcoming album, entitled “Ascension” is due for release early 2016 and it is sure to show the people of earth the true power of Sly-Fi.