The Alienated is a punk group from South Orange County. Influenced by bands such as NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, RKL, and Misfits, they make a point to never turn down a live audience and always get the crowd moving. Currently The Alienated is working on releasing their debut album State of Emergency which will be out November 20th, 2015. Following the release, the band plans to tour along the California coast in early December.

Comprised of guitarist/lead singer Scott Gordon, bassist Feezy, and drummer Chris Maring (aka Shithead Maloney) they have a unique vision and connection as musicians. The Alienated has been played on Alt 98.7 fm, an LA based rock station. They are currently members of Orange County Music League, a team of music lovers dedicated to booking non pay-to-play shows.

The band has have played shows and festivals with other artists such as We Came as Romans, As Blood Runs Black, Barb Wire Dolls, and The Originalites. The Alienated looks forward to blowing minds and making authentic music for the world to enjoy for many years to come.

Population U is Rock with Groove and Soul. With a Big Sound and catchy melodies, Pop U brings power, conscience, and Fun back to Rock!
Carlos Molina – Vocals / Guitar
Juan Preciado – Guitar / Vocals
Julio Preciado – Drums
Paco Preciado – Bass / Vocals

Bristol To Memory, an Alternative Rock/Pop-Punk band, has been established in the LA/OC music scene since to 2005. The group formed of childhood friends hails from Santa Ana and is influenced by bands such as Green Day, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New. Their musical compositions and collaboration evokes a feeling of nostalgic excitement with their dynamic guitar progression, thrilling choruses and poetic lyrics.

The band has continued to expand their scope with tours across the Western United States, Canada and most recently the Midwest and Eastern United States. They have also had music featured on several national television networks such as MTV, Oxygen Channel, and Fox Sports West with the Los Angeles Angels Baseball Club. Along with their TV success, they have played the stages of Van’s Warped Tour, SXSW Music Festival, House Of Blues, The Roxy, The Whiskey and many more. With more than eight years of touring and recording under their belt, the band is well adapted to the road and ready for more.

Michael’s music is entirely original; the depth of the lyrics is akin to folk, the dynamics of the guitar sharp. The songs are written from the heart, and it shows.
Michael was born in Colorado and went to music school in California. In addition to that he has lived in Arizona, played in two bands, toured across the county, visited Peru, and worked; The only constant in life is that he loves music in all forms.

The Sly Digs are a team of intergalactic misfits, sent to earth, from the far reaches of interstellar space, to corrupt your mind and infect your soul. Propelled by boundless joy and a supreme distaste for the ordinary, The Sly Digs have been sent to earth with a singular, clandestine mission: to infiltrate the hearts and minds of all humankind with the symbiotic known as Sly-Fi….(Their secondary mission: to rid humanity of run on sentences and the “improper” use of….punctuation!….)

Sly-Fi is the distillation of all the artists and events that have inspired or been admired by The Sly Digs. It is a unique but familiar brand of music designed to possess the masses, raise their glasses and shake their asses. The Sly Digs forthcoming album, entitled “Ascension” is due for release early 2016 and it is sure to show the people of earth the true power of Sly-Fi.

Chad Martinez is a singer/songwriter from Orange County, CA. Martinez’ first time picking up a guitar was at the age of 13. He was taught three chords and within a few months had already started writing songs. By the age of 17, Martinez had formed a duo Indie Rock band with friend and band member Kellen Williams called Honest Abraham. Martinez on Vocals/Guitar, Williams on Bass and Devin Berry on drums. Honest Abraham performed live for the first time ever on July 7th, 2007. Martinez and Williams continued the band for a while until they all ended up moving due to certain changes.
By 2008, Martinez came back to Orange county and started performing solo. In 2009, Martinez became highly influenced by reggae music. Which is what gives him that mellow groove and soulful hype in his original and Indie alternative sound. Chad has played shows through out Orange county and LA county. After playing shows and getting acquainted with a band named Motavation from Lake Forest, CA. Martinez fell into a whole new name. They all started calling him Chad Martini. and it just seemed to stick..
In 2009, Martinez and Williams Started collaborating once more and continued creating music that influenced them both through out the years. Unfortunately Williams passed away Nov 28th,2011. Martinez was devestated from a loss of his friend/Bandmate. In 2012, Chad Martini released a record and has performing since. While preforming, he has gotten drummer, Slammin Sammy, and the two are currently looking for a bassist while gigging around town.

Some folks might argue that the current world of Caveman Voicebox is perhaps a bit too fueled by hotrods, drinking, and loud guitars, but the band could really care less. Emerging from the sunny streets of Los Angeles, California, Caveman Voicebox find themselves with just the right mix of car cultural, stripper ethics and blue collar fury to bring a smile to just about anyone’s face. Largely influenced by big doses of Motorhead, ZZ Top and stoner rock, they weave together an extremely aggressive rock assault while thumbing their noses at all non-believers along the way. As a result they have gained respect from rockers young and old and are quickly becoming the sound track for every gear head, pole dancer and biker, West of the Rockies.

The bands second effort “ Facial Hair & Harmonies “ available 6/27/13 is a 3 song EP hell-bent on high octane rock and roll, including a more blues/swing approach with the track “Move It Up”, going deeper into their roots which has been described by some as Govt. Mule on steroids.

The current team consists of quarterback, Graham Wilson bass, vocal, flanked by Sofi Cervantes drums, & Karl Caleb guitars. Caveman Voicebox made their debut in 2011 playing dusty basements and rehearsal room keg parties, releasing demos and live recordings along the way. Eventually, time came for the band to record in the studio so Graham Wilson reached out to brother / producer Doug Carrion (Descendents, Dag Nasty, Kottonmouth Kings) for assistance. “I knew from the get go they were a straight up rock project and my goal was pretty much to light the match to the bomb, run and take cover, “ explains Carrion. The band then introduced their first 5-song EP Strippers, Mullets & Beer in December of 2011.

The lyrical ramblings of a Laguna Beach street busker…